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Kenneth Kelly



Private Lessons

My Philosophy

Music is a language that is interwoven into the fabric of our everyday lives. I believe that it is a language we should all strive to understand as much as possible. My approach in teaching piano and voice lessons is to help students develop a broad and applicable knowledge of the language of music.

Most students of piano, children or adults, do not intend to become world-class concert pianists. They want to be able to play their favorite songs from childhood or the radio. They want to learn a worship song from church or pick up a piece of sheet music to play a song from their favorite movie. The same goes for voice lessons, I assess each student's current level and goals then craft a custom plan to help them succeed.


How Do Lessons Work?

Most of my lessons are virtual, using platforms such as Skype, Zoom, or Facetime. However, I do also offer in-person lessons in the Metro Atlanta area. Lessons are typically structured as four lessons per month, for 30 or 60 minutes each. We will work together to identify your goals, then create a plan to help you meet those goals.

Piano Lessons

Voice Lessons

Piano Lesson
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Learn Today

Piano Lessons Starting at

$40- 1 Hour Session

$20 - 30 Minute Session

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Get Singing Today

Voice Lessons Starting at

$60- 1 Hour Session

$30 - 30 Minute Session

Piano Keys

Do I Need A


It is great if you have a piano. If not, an electric piano or keyboard is more than enough! I can help with affordable suggestions if needed. For voice lessons a piano app is sufficient 

Piano Lesson

Will I Learn To Play By Ear?

Yes! Who doesn’t want to be able to play any song they hear? To do this, we need to build a strong ear, technical skills, and knowledge of musical theory.

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