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Kenneth Kelly



Who is Kenneth Kelly?

Kenneth Kelly is a soulful vocalist and keyboard player based in Atlanta, Georgia. Raised in Alabama, his unique sound is influenced by artists such as Bill Withers, Otis Redding, Boyz II Men, and Hozier. He produces original music that combines blues, pop, and soul with a modern energy and sound. Kenneth also covers R&B, pop, and soul classics.


Kenneth knew from a very young age that he wanted to be a singer. Growing up in rural Alabama, he played piano in church and sang in multiple choirs. His formative teenage years were marked by choir competitions, piano lessons, and late-night jam sessions with friends.


Creativity comes easiest for Kenneth when he’s in a familiar place - his low-lit studio, grandad’s porch, or next to a river. His most popular song, “Alabama” was written while reminiscing of childhood memories on his grandfather’s property in Monroe County, Alabama. Other songs he’s written have been influenced by classic poetry, life in Atlanta, and relationships.


Despite an early passion for music, Kenneth studied and became a civil engineer. For several years he longed to sing and create but struggled to find the time or space. Finally acknowledging that he’d pursued the wrong vocation, he planned a strategic shift back to his first love and natural gifting. 


In 2017 Kenneth started gigging more regularly, working around a full-time job and his family. That year he produced his first album of original music and began teaching piano and voice lessons. In 2019 he made the leap to become a full-time musician and hasn’t looked back. His recent original work was fueled by the tension, exploration, and joy that came during that life transition.

Teaching piano and voice lessons has become a second passion for Kenneth. He teaches students of all ages and believes that music is a language that anyone can become fluent in.


When he’s not singing or teaching, Kenneth hikes or runs the trails around Atlanta volunteers with kids, and listens to all kinds of good music.

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